Grand Teton: Make a Snow Angel with Wilderness Ventures

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Seriously! Go from the top of a snow covered mountain covered in powder then down to clear running water for some fishing. That’s the great thing about the Grand Tetons and Grand Teton National Park.

One of our fearless leaders decided to jump into the snow during this past summer’s tour of Yellowstone National Park. The adventurers got a real kick out of the idea and a couple made snow angels afterwards.

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After that chilly experience, the teens were warmed to the idea of seeing Old Faithful and learning about the area.

One of the best parts was the sunny kayaking session in the park with everyone else and waving our honorary U.S. flag to show a bit of spirit for the beautiful national park.

This was coupled with leadership lessons and survival skills really made the trip feel more important than most. Trust exercises and real-life survival skills were just part of the experience that helped teach teens that they actually have more control over their lives than they believed.









After the chilly trek and fantastic 13,771 foot climb to the summit where the adventurers proudly displayed the U.S. flag and the Wilderness Ventures banner to signify the great thing they just accomplished.

The leadership portion included group leaders motivating those who may have gotten tired or felt like giving up. They really needed to band together when the cold and the height got too much for some people.

Grand Teton basically had everything, which is why it’s been a staple for the last four decades.

Get Ready for Fun Changes for Summer 2014 with Wilderness Ventures

So with the sign up coming in January, Wilderness Ventures has been scheduling some great new changes to the trips that are coming up for this next summer

The next catalog is coming soon and there will be  several trips that have some exciting tweaks and twists that will mix up the routine that has been going for a while. There is a bucket list of trips that will stay with the program for the 2014 season.


National Parks are staying for good of course. Trips to Yellowstone, Grand Teton and others have been a staple and always good trips for novice and expert outdoorsy people. We may see the trails and hiking routes switched up but the fun will remain in some of North America’s best natural spaces.

spain 4

Spain is not to be missed and the next summer’s trip will be rich with culture and natural beauty. Students get to work on Spanish skills and use them in an area where they are immersed in the language. Bull fights, great food and outdoor sports are just a few of the things that will get crossed off the list and never forgotten.


Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands are beyond beautiful locations that are being worked on this year. There is no shortage of diverse wildlife or friendly communities to visit, so even if the locations are slightly different than last year, they will not be any less quality. This summer will be a chance to explore territories that many have never seen nor will see in their lifetime.

These are just  a sample of trips that will get a bit of a face lift in order to let other students get a unique experience. Enrollment starts pretty soon, and there are special discounts for signing up before Nov 1.

See you all for the next adventure!

Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Wilderness Ventures

These extraordinary sites are deemed by UNESCO as having cultural, historical, or physical significance and are an important part of the global heritage of the citizens of the world. Wilderness Ventures offers trips to these destinations every summer there is always a chance to see some of the world’s best places.


Yellowstone National Park: Spanning some 3,468 sq. miles and being part of three different states in the U.S., Yellowstone National Park contains half of all the world’s known geothermal features, with more than 10,000 examples and is home to more than 300 geysers, ample wildlife, and spectacular scenery. Since 1972, Wilderness Ventures has offered teen programs in Yellowstone and the Northwest U.S. On these tours, young people can kayak, hike, raft, and learn wilderness survival skills in this vast and breathtaking wilderness while experiencing the magic of one of the most treasured wilderness areas in the world.


Olympic National Park: Located in the extreme Northwest of the Lower 48 in the state of Washington, Olympic National Park is best known for its amazing biological diversity and has been called “three parks in one” thanks to its multiple ecosystems. This unique national park includes glacier-peaked mountains, lovely alpine meadows, temperate rainforest, and a dazzling coastline. On Wilderness Ventures tours, teens get a taste o funforgettable wildlife viewing, mountain trekking, paddle sports, camping, and more


Great Barrier Reef: Known for its remarkable beauty and marine diversity, the Great Barrier Reef is located on the Northeast coast of Australia and contains the largest collection of coral reefs in the world, in addition to an astounding variety of marine life.Wilderness Ventures offers teens the once in a lifetime chance to Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef while also giving them the chance to earn PADI open water certification.

The Galapagos Islands: Famous for being the place that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands remain on the “bucket lists” of many adventurers. This destination includes 19 islands and a surrounding marine reserve that offers visitors the chance to see evolution in real life. Wilderness Ventures gives teens the chance to hike, snorkel, sea kayak, and surf these famous islands while learning about this unique ecosystem and its inhabitants.
Kilimanjaro National Park: As the highest mountain peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro stretches above the Tanzanian wilderness and beckons mountaineers to climb. Surrounded by land that is home to numerous wildlife species, many of which are endangered, Mount Kilimanjaro offers adventurers one of the most exciting and challenging mountain climbing experiences in the world.Wilderness Ventures leads teens on tours that include a guided climb of Kilimanjaro to the “roof of Africa”.

Horseback Riding in Famed National Parks with Wilderness Ventures


Mother Nature Network revealed the best national parks to take some sturdy horses out to and roam around and experience the terrain.

One of the places on the list is Yellowstone National Park. The park was recognized for its amazing views and hillsides as well as its horse-friendly atmosphere.

On the Yellowstone Teton Horsepack trips, students get to hop on one of these friendly companions and set out across the land. Professionals ride alongside the teens as they trek through the Rocky Mountains with a trusty steed leading them through tough times.

The horses get a break while the adventurers zip line through the trees and viewing the breathtaking Old Faithful.

Wilderness Ventures Students Celebrate the 4th of July in Yellowstone National Park


No better way to spend the United States’ independence than being in one of the most famous American  national parks. Yellowstone is such a spectacular spot and cannot be beat.

After a tour of the area was already spectacular, with Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Hot Springs, and Old Faithful.

Yesterday the teens spent the day on a kayaking trip through Yellowstone Lake. The landscape is rich in diversity, with underwater geysers with hot springs giving the lake a nice, warm temperature.

The teens are busy exploring and relaxing for this national holiday and will catch up soon!

Teens Meet at Jackson Hole for Summer 2013 Wilderness Ventures First Trip

jackson 2Adventurers set off this week for the 2013 Jackson Hole adventure. They were met by founders, the Cottinghams and welcomed to the program. The smiles on the student’s faces and the excitement was obvious.

The next few weeks will be packed with different skills and wilderness activities.

They start off with hiking the Teton mountains to get acclimated to the altitude and warm up to nature. Sea kayaking and viewing the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon are next and are the times when the teens get to learn about the history of the area as well as view its splendor.Yellowstone

A rushing zipline adventure through the Yellowstone river area, white water rafting and a backpacking trip amp up the difficulty but also take the teens into great wilderness areas that few get to explore.

The 20 days of these activities seem like a lot, but they will go by fast. But they are sure to make a huge impression

Watch Old Faithful from the Wilderness Ventures Perspective

Teens from all over the country get to experience the wonders of the world that many only get to see in pictures. Many of these places are also becoming less available to see in person.

It is highly recommended to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park and watch this geothermal marvel that is Old Faithful.

National Park and Wildland Trips with Wilderness Ventures Make Teens Appreciate Nature

These days, there is virtually no where that humans have not made their mark. Builds have risen higher and higher, boats fill the ocean and planes take people to every corner of Earth.

Thankfully there are designated wildlands and national parks that prevent man from building to high or drilling deep into the ground. Efforts from pioneers including John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot have helped the United States conserve its great natural resources.

Wilderness Ventures tries to bring this same appreciation to current generations by offering well-rounded trips to these lands. Not only does Wilderness Ventures have special permits to operate in 20 national parks and 17 designated wildlands, but students who go on the trips get to explore them fully instead of just sticking to one activity.

One of the most popular and oldest of the trips is to Yellowstone National Park and . Adventurers start off with a week long backpacking trip through the Teton wilderness before reaching Yellowstone River with lessons on flyfishing, cooking, navigation and other wilderness skills. They hit the river next in Yellowstone Lake and then some fast-paced whitewater rafting down the Snake River.

No trip is the same and each alumni learns the importance of taking what he or she brings and leaving the park with as little negative impact as possible.