Grand Teton: Make a Snow Angel with Wilderness Ventures

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Seriously! Go from the top of a snow covered mountain covered in powder then down to clear running water for some fishing. That’s the great thing about the Grand Tetons and Grand Teton National Park.

One of our fearless leaders decided to jump into the snow during this past summer’s tour of Yellowstone National Park. The adventurers got a real kick out of the idea and a couple made snow angels afterwards.

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After that chilly experience, the teens were warmed to the idea of seeing Old Faithful and learning about the area.

One of the best parts was the sunny kayaking session in the park with everyone else and waving our honorary U.S. flag to show a bit of spirit for the beautiful national park.

This was coupled with leadership lessons and survival skills really made the trip feel more important than most. Trust exercises and real-life survival skills were just part of the experience that helped teach teens that they actually have more control over their lives than they believed.









After the chilly trek and fantastic 13,771 foot climb to the summit where the adventurers proudly displayed the U.S. flag and the Wilderness Ventures banner to signify the great thing they just accomplished.

The leadership portion included group leaders motivating those who may have gotten tired or felt like giving up. They really needed to band together when the cold and the height got too much for some people.

Grand Teton basically had everything, which is why it’s been a staple for the last four decades.

Yosemite National Park Celebrated its 123rd Birthday Publicly

Yosemite National Park got a special birthday gift from the internet the other day with a special logo on Google to celebrate its 123rd birthday, which is pretty spectacular. This means that people are noticing and recognizing what nature really means to the public.

Yosemite and other parks are so precious and great gifts from conservationists and preservationists from days gone by. The millions of acres that we have kept for education, exercise and recreation.

They are places that families continue to go each year and have very special places in people’s hearts. With all of the overly-trammeled land, it is so nice to have a place that people can go to see true nature.

So happy to Yosemite and to all the other national parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and all the other wild areas that bring us joy.

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Jackson Hole Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Fishing Trip

This summer was more than just a trip down to the fishing hole. Jackson Hole is one of the oldest trips that Wilderness Ventures students go on, which means that these fishing holes are full of memories and history.

The waters are great for throwing in a line and waiting for a snag. But they are also great for heart-pumping rafting on the Snake River and then taking a drift boat for more calm.

This years photos are just as beautiful as the last, with the Wyoming sun shining on the waters.

DSCN0163                          100_0710  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Summer 2013 Students Relax for Labor Day Weekend

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The teens are back at home after months of intense fun and self-improvement. So it may seem like a bit of a lull this weekend knowing that there are no 6 am trips to go kayaking or to summit a mountain.

It was a great few months with everyone but it is pretty nice to just be at home and reflect on the great Wilderness Ventures memories. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to do to bring some adventure into the weekend.

fly fishing

But there is no need to worry. There are plenty of Labor Day activities that Wilderness Ventures teens and their families can do. For example, do a 5k or 10k race, go for a family walk or just sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful outside while they enjoy the vacation.

Wilderness Ventures Loves to Find Wisdom in The Woods

We all need a little inspiration now and then. Nature has inspired artists, writers and just people who need some motivation. Wilderness Ventures likes to take time to look at a little bit of nature today and remember some inspirational quotes.


““Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”- John Muir


“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”- Henry David Thoreau


“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”- Walt Whitman


“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration”. – Claude Monet


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Apply During School for the Next Wilderness Ventures Trip

costa rica

The trips for 2013 are all done, but that does not mean that next year does not have the same great trips with spots still open.

2014 summer adventures are closer than you think, so it’s time to apply before the deadline and have something amazing to look forward to before the end of the school year rolls around.

Apply by phone, online or print it out and send it over. WIlderness Ventures is always looking for an enthusiastic young person with a natural curiosity for the outdoors and travel.

There are no excuses now that the trips are over, and Wilderness Ventures have several documents to help you prepare to pack, get healthy and pick which trip works for what you like.

Wilderness Ventures Sets Teens Up For Future Life Skills


How To Be A Leader

Through Wilderness Ventures worldwide Leadership Adventures, young people can gain self-confidence and learn to be young leaders as they explore the great outdoors in places like Alaska, Montana, Colorado and more. These leadership adventures invite teens to be part of a small, non-competitive group of fellow students. Through a variety of activities like kayaking, hiking, volunteering, rafting, fishing, and more, participants learn wilderness survival skills, build self-confidence, and learn decision-making and leadership skills.

How To Be Part Of A Team

With Wilderness Ventures’ small group teen tours, students have an opportunity to be a part of a highly supportive team in wilderness areas around the world. Learning how to be a positive, valued, contributing member of a team is an invaluable skill in the workforce, and students have ample time to practice this while participating in a variety of wilderness adventure activities with fellow teammates.

How To Be Self-Reliant

Survival in the wilderness—and in the ‘real world’ after college—is very dependent on being self-reliant and being able to make responsible, practical decisions. With Wilderness Ventures teen summer camps, young people learn the value of self-reliance by being presented with opportunities to learn wilderness survival techniques, strategies, problem solving skills, and more.

In today’s competitive job market, being able to step outside of one’s comfort zone and expanding personal boundaries can be a very attractive attribute. Wilderness Ventures tours, besides being exhilarating and fun, can challenge teens to push past their own personal boundaries. Nothing can be more exciting or more challenging then summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, for example, or navigating the Mighty Colorado River in an inflatable kayak. Teens that travel with Wilderness Ventures can learn to expand their personal boundaries through adventure travel.

How To Be Considerate Of The World

Many of Wilderness Ventures trips focus intently on philanthropy, volunteering, wildlife conservation, community service, and more. Teens that have a global awareness and a healthy appreciation for other cultures and the natural world around them may be more prepared for life during or after college when they encounter new people and places. In addition to learning about other cultures and seeing beautiful places around the world, some tours offer students an opportunity to earn up to 60 service hours through hands-on volunteer projects.

5 Great Reasons to Travel from Wilderness Ventures

Do you really need a reason to get out into the world? Well, if you aren’t convinced that travelling is something everyone should do for fun, then here are 10 reasons that will make you think a little harder.

1. Get exercise

Trekking through the Rocky Mountain wilderness, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, or even just taking a stroll through an outdoor mall are all ways to get exercise. Going somewhere else to do these activities can help kick start a healthier lifestyle, or add to the list of great destinations to do a hobby


2. Make new friends

Going somewhere popular increases the chance that you will find people, and that those people will have something in common with you. Or even if it’s a specific activity, you could strike up a conversation about your passion. Group trips like Wilderness Ventures build strong friendships because everyone is having fun together and learning, which makes for great stories.


3.  Learn about new cultures

You don’t have to go too far to experience a different way of life, but being in a new country is always exciting. Whether it is learning about Alaskan traditions or speaking Spanish in Costa Rica, there is always a new point of view to experience. It will give you a better appreciation of life and how differences add some new perspectives.


4. Hands-on Education

Wilderness Ventures likes to give students some education that they can go on the trips ad actually see. Info desks at destinations are very helpful and have information on places you can actually see. You can learn the history of something that is front of you and take away a sense that you learned a little something in a fun way. Also, language classes in the native country make things far more real and interesting.



5. It’s just fun

Going somewhere else for a while is just a great way to entertain yourself. It gives you a chance to try new things and enjoy the view of an ocean of a mountain ridge. You can let loose and go dancing or just sit and relax in a hotel for a nap. You can catch local events, take a dip in a pool or shop around. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying it.


The West Was Won and Wilderness Ventures Reaps the Winnings


The west is such a beautiful area that no everyone gets to explore or can take time to appreciate. Wilerndess Ventures students get to take to the Western United States’ most breathtaking destinations. Wilderness Ventures’ trips take place in national parks and protected wilderness areas in destinations like Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado in the Southwest. Wilderness Ventures offers teens an unparalleled opportunity to learn about and explore the wild spaces of America’s western region.

Some examples:

Look at the Bright New Faces for Wilderness Ventures Jackson Hole Trip

Another new batch of eager teenagers showed up at the airport this week and were greeted by Mike and Helen Cottingham. They are getting ready for one of the most fun and oldest trips that Wilderness Ventures offers.


jackson 2 jackson4


The meet and greets were over just in time and the first outdoor adventure in Grand Teton National Park for a hike wearing the new Wilderness Ventures shirts to look like a team while everyone gets to know each other.