Bond with Siblings on Trips from Wilderness Ventures


Trips with brothers and sisters can seem like a huge drag. A poke from the back seat to the back of the head or an annoying sing-a-long are probably a few of the peeves that brothers and sisters have when they imagine long rides  or plane rides while on vacation.

Wilderness Ventures says au contraire on the thought that siblings will ruin a stellar vacation. Going out into nature with a familiar friend at your side is actually a benefit, not an annoyance.

Who wouldn’t want someone to share the memory of diving in Fiji, hiking to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, or lazing it over in Jackson Hole with a fishing line in the water? Brothers and sisters forget all that bickering once they get a look at the sunrise or once one lifts the other over a tough hill. Plus, it lets parents get a little bit of peace and quiet knowing that their children are bonding and getting some quality experiences.

Or if they really don’t want to be together or one is a little too young, brothers and sisters can still take separate trips and use those experiences to get along better or maybe plan a trip together some other time.

Plus, if siblings sign up for a Wilderness Ventures, one of them gets a special discount 10 percent discount.

If you have any sibling trip memories, leave them in the comments below!

Wilderness Ventures Wishing Safety for Colorado Flood Victims

The beautiful mountains in Boulder, Estes Park and areas of Larimer County are being flooded by rain water that has made people’s lives very difficult.

The Rocky Mountain trips through Colorado are always a joy and students have always wanted to return. Colorado is full of wonderful people and great wilderness, so it is a shame when that area is ravaged by such harsh weather.

Take high ground and stay safe!


Summer 2013 Students Relax for Labor Day Weekend

high sierras3

The teens are back at home after months of intense fun and self-improvement. So it may seem like a bit of a lull this weekend knowing that there are no 6 am trips to go kayaking or to summit a mountain.

It was a great few months with everyone but it is pretty nice to just be at home and reflect on the great Wilderness Ventures memories. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to do to bring some adventure into the weekend.

fly fishing

But there is no need to worry. There are plenty of Labor Day activities that Wilderness Ventures teens and their families can do. For example, do a 5k or 10k race, go for a family walk or just sit on the porch and enjoy the beautiful outside while they enjoy the vacation.

Wilderness Ventures Loves to Find Wisdom in The Woods

We all need a little inspiration now and then. Nature has inspired artists, writers and just people who need some motivation. Wilderness Ventures likes to take time to look at a little bit of nature today and remember some inspirational quotes.


““Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”- John Muir


“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”- Henry David Thoreau


“I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”- Walt Whitman


“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration”. – Claude Monet


“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Wilderness Ventures is Totally into Wildlife

One of the best parts of going outside is to see some beautiful creatures in the woods, jungle, beach or anywhere else that they choose to go. 

Wilderness ventures is all about getting a view of the wildlife while on the trips. Here are some of our favorites:

turtles zebramonkeygiraffe

Wilderness Ventures Sets Teens Up For Future Life Skills


How To Be A Leader

Through Wilderness Ventures worldwide Leadership Adventures, young people can gain self-confidence and learn to be young leaders as they explore the great outdoors in places like Alaska, Montana, Colorado and more. These leadership adventures invite teens to be part of a small, non-competitive group of fellow students. Through a variety of activities like kayaking, hiking, volunteering, rafting, fishing, and more, participants learn wilderness survival skills, build self-confidence, and learn decision-making and leadership skills.

How To Be Part Of A Team

With Wilderness Ventures’ small group teen tours, students have an opportunity to be a part of a highly supportive team in wilderness areas around the world. Learning how to be a positive, valued, contributing member of a team is an invaluable skill in the workforce, and students have ample time to practice this while participating in a variety of wilderness adventure activities with fellow teammates.

How To Be Self-Reliant

Survival in the wilderness—and in the ‘real world’ after college—is very dependent on being self-reliant and being able to make responsible, practical decisions. With Wilderness Ventures teen summer camps, young people learn the value of self-reliance by being presented with opportunities to learn wilderness survival techniques, strategies, problem solving skills, and more.

In today’s competitive job market, being able to step outside of one’s comfort zone and expanding personal boundaries can be a very attractive attribute. Wilderness Ventures tours, besides being exhilarating and fun, can challenge teens to push past their own personal boundaries. Nothing can be more exciting or more challenging then summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, for example, or navigating the Mighty Colorado River in an inflatable kayak. Teens that travel with Wilderness Ventures can learn to expand their personal boundaries through adventure travel.

How To Be Considerate Of The World

Many of Wilderness Ventures trips focus intently on philanthropy, volunteering, wildlife conservation, community service, and more. Teens that have a global awareness and a healthy appreciation for other cultures and the natural world around them may be more prepared for life during or after college when they encounter new people and places. In addition to learning about other cultures and seeing beautiful places around the world, some tours offer students an opportunity to earn up to 60 service hours through hands-on volunteer projects.

Cast a Reel with Wilderness Ventures Fly Fishing Lessons

fly fishing

Dip your feet in the cool water and look for some slippery fish  like a pro when you go out to some of the best lakes, rivers and streams for fly fishing in the United States.

Jackson Hole

Orvis Fly Fishing Instructors teach the teens not just how to throw a line around, but all aspects of the experience. They learn how the environment and conservation efforts along with knot tying and great ways to bait and hook in the native trout of the area.

They will dip their hooks into the Wind and Snake River areas after the three days of lessons to try out the techniques and see if they can pull out a wiggly catch.


Bozeman, Montana is the perfect backdrop for advanced and foundation-level fly fishing lessons as well as a biology and ecology lesson so that the teens know the impact the fish and the people have on the area.

The snowfed crystal clear streams straddle the watersheds of both the Atlantic and the Pacific in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness for the first excursion where the teens compete on who can catch the first fish.

Then its off to Fire Hole River in Yellowstone National Park where even more trout that they will release back into the river so that the cycle of life can continue for the next group

Wilderness Ventures Gets Teens Cooking Around The World


Food from around the world is much more than just food. It is an exchange of culture and a great way to get to know people.

Wilderness Ventures knows that not everyone gets to experience the joy of cooking at home other than a microwave or when their folks are in the kitchen. That is why every day the teens are introduced to another new cooking opportunity or put in charge of the camp stove.

In Peru, students get to shop in local markets to prepare an authentic Peruvian dish that the host community leaders teach them to make. They go even deeper into Quechua and learn to make meals there that you cannot get anywhere else.

Cooking in France sounds like a dream, but it is a reality for students on the many trips to the beautiful city of Chamonix where they get to speak the language and cook  some classic foods. Then they get to work off all of that food with a climb up Mount Blanc.

Aside from city centers. there are plenty of lessons for cooking while camped out in the wilderness. There is no shortage of creative ways to make a delicious meal whether it over a campfire or a modern stove.

Learning Spanish Straight from Spain with Wilderness Ventures Language Classes


Learning espanol in Spain cannot get any more authentic. The students who are currently in the Spanish language beginner courses have gone through a couple days of rigorous lessons and got to take their lessons into the real world. They got to converse with locals and use the lessons to identify foods in the market.

After meeting up with the Spanish instructor, everyone was treated to a tour of tour of Malaga’s Cathedral, where the old-style architecture and Renaissance touches wowed the teens.

They showed off their moves with a Flamenco lesson near the beach and then a scrumptious picnic complete with swimming and chocolates on the boardwalk.

A whirlwind of activities eventually lead everyone to Seville with a tour of Alcazar, where Columbus’s voyage to America was organized, as well as the Seville Cathedral. It ended with an Italian dinner.

More lessons are on the way both inside and outside of the classroom.

Wilderness Ventures Starts Surfing in the High Sierras

The next adventure that has set off is to the great state of California to go from the surf to the high mountains. The first few days have already been packed with nothing but outdoor exploration.

Day 1

Before getting to the adventures, it was time to camp out at the San Francisco Airport and wait for everyone to arrive. Adventurers made fast friends at the airport and kept themselves busy with games and excited chatter about the trip ahead.

Soon the group was at camp on the beach and setting up and working together to make it as cozy as possible. The night was not complete without some s’mores and a good night’s rest from a day of traveling.

Day 2

The second was nothing but surf lessons in Half Moon Bay. Then all of the campers showed off their energy and skills at different physical games while the leaders made delicious Italian-style panninis over the roaring camp fire. They ended the day by sharing some fun facts about themselves before lulling off to sleep to the sounds of the ocean.

high sierras3

Day 3

The next day was back in the water to try out the surf lessons from the night before. Everyone learned a new game of waterball that made the time go by very fast. Next thing they knew, it was time for a shower and packing for the Trinity Alps for the next day.