Keep the Earth Sustainable for Future Generations with Wilderness Ventures Trips

Buzz words in the news concerning “green” technology and “sustainable” practices are thrown around in the media without much explanation. Not many people realize the amount that we as humans consume water, electricity, wood, mineral goods and everything else that goes into surviving and enjoying life on this planet.

The people who see the impact are those who explore the outdoors. It is hard to ignore when you look at a sparse forest or try to ski in an area that no longer has a good, natural snowfall.

Wilderness Ventures has been aware of potential environmental impacts and the need to leave these special places better than we found them. Zero-impact camping ethics have been incorporated years before the concept became the standard for all outdoor schools.

Students learn that if they pack it in they have to take the supplies with them and to leave as little impact as possible by not camping to close to riparian areas, viewing wildlife from afar and camping in designated areas.

Not only do students learn how to not remove any more, but they give back through community service. This creates an awareness and community of young environmentalists that can pass on these lessons on their next camping trips and adventures.


National Park and Wildland Trips with Wilderness Ventures Make Teens Appreciate Nature

These days, there is virtually no where that humans have not made their mark. Builds have risen higher and higher, boats fill the ocean and planes take people to every corner of Earth.

Thankfully there are designated wildlands and national parks that prevent man from building to high or drilling deep into the ground. Efforts from pioneers including John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot have helped the United States conserve its great natural resources.

Wilderness Ventures tries to bring this same appreciation to current generations by offering well-rounded trips to these lands. Not only does Wilderness Ventures have special permits to operate in 20 national parks and 17 designated wildlands, but students who go on the trips get to explore them fully instead of just sticking to one activity.

One of the most popular and oldest of the trips is to Yellowstone National Park and . Adventurers start off with a week long backpacking trip through the Teton wilderness before reaching Yellowstone River with lessons on flyfishing, cooking, navigation and other wilderness skills. They hit the river next in Yellowstone Lake and then some fast-paced whitewater rafting down the Snake River.

No trip is the same and each alumni learns the importance of taking what he or she brings and leaving the park with as little negative impact as possible.

International Summer Adventures for Teens Available 2013 From Wilderness Ventures

Grand Earth Adventures, the global arm of Wilderness Ventures, offers worldwide community service, cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, language, bicycling and field studies opportunities for young adults, ages 14 through 20. A Grand Earth Adventure is a small group of students under the guidance of the most inspirational leaders, engaged in carefully designed challenges that strengthen group bonds, stretch abilities and capture the imagination of each individual.

These teen summer camps focus on elements of service learning or leadership and provide the setting and instruction to familiarize students with exotic languages from around the globe. Whether it’s climbing Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, teaching English to school children in Fiji, learning Spanish in Malaga, Spain or working with the elephants in Thailand, Wilderness Ventures offers and impressive variety of extraordinary opportunities abroad. A full list of international teen adventure summer camps can be found at

While abroad, Wilderness Ventures exposes students to the history and culture of each region they visit. Students often get to discover well known cities and landmarks in their Grand Earth Adventure of choice. However, sticking true to their roots, Wilderness Ventures incorporates a strong element of exploring Mother Nature into all of their teen adventure camps. To name just a few unforgettable outdoor experiences, students can surf the Pacific Ocean, see the “Big 5” on a classic African safari, whitewater raft in the Pyrenees, or sail New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.1117

For students who specifically want to see significant academic and applied gains to their language skills, Wilderness Ventures’ Spain Language and France Language adventures each incorporate three to four hours of substantive, daily classroom instruction with the rest of the student’s journey. Because the Language Adventures take place on-site, Wilderness Ventures is able to steep its students in the everyday conversations and interactions that take place in that country. When students step out of the classroom they remain immersed in the daily use of the language.


Teens Travel to Alaska for Wilderness Ventures Two-Week Summer Trek

Two weeks in the rugged terrain of Alaska is the perfect getaway for technology-obsessed teens to explore what they can never see in school.Wilderness Ventures is offering a two-week trek for 7th, 8th and 9th graders starting June 30 to the land of the “Midnight Sun” with sea kayaking, breathtaking views of glaciers, backpacking and taking in all of nature.

The first part of the trip starts in Anchorage  and gives the teens a look at the Harriman Fjord. The shuttle boat gives a sweeping view of icebergs and dark blue sea. They will see the abundant animal and plant life around the tidewater glaciers.Then it is time for a day of adrenaline-inducing river rafting through Lion Head Canyon.

After 3 days the adventurous teens get to march through Matanuska and Chulitna valleys. They get to learn positive life skills including cooking, navigation, and team building as they admire the Alaska mountain range.

Ending the trip will be an exploration of Denali National Park and then back to Anchorage for a sourdough meal. Alumni of the program will come back with a better sense of adventure and a new perspective on their own American backyard.

Most of the major components of this trip have been offered by us over the past 36 years.


Wilderness Ventures Leads Coast to Coast Charity Cycling Tour for Teens this Summer

Wilderness Ventures, the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program offering teen summer camps, is offering a Crossroads Coast to Coast Bicycle Tour where teens can raise $1,000 or more for their favorite charity.

This 46-day teen bicycle tour starts on June 23 in Washington D.C. From there, travelers will see sites of American history, trek over the Appalachian Mountains, pedal through the Heartland, across the great Rocky Mountains, stop by the Grand Canyon, through Joshua Tree National Park and finally to their destination – the Pacific Ocean.

Friends and relatives can sponsor teens on their summer adventure from Washington D.C. to San Diego – and Wilderness Ventures will match each participant’s sponsorship up to $500. A challenging trip of this nature will definitely turn some heads and sponsors should be easy to secure.  For example, on this 3,100 mile trip, a sponsorship of just 10 cents per mile will earn you $310 – $620 when you add the Wilderness Ventures match.

Wilderness Ventures has offered superb bicycle touring and mountain biking trips for young adults since 1977. Ranging in length from two to seven weeks, these wonderful experiences are designed for beginners to the most seasoned cyclist in grades 6 through 12. Their challenge level ratings range from 2 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging and are designed to meet each individual’s abilities. Wilderness Ventures other teen bicycling tours in 2013 range from riding along the Pacific Coast, to conquering the Great Divide on a mountain bike to cruising from Amsterdam to Paris. See a full line up of their 2013 tours on the website

Travelers will sleep in tents separated by gender, hostels and local community centers. They will also cook most of their meals with a few restaurant visits in between. Land cost for the Crossroads Coast to Coast Charity Tour is $5,995 per person.Image

Wilderness Ventures Leads Announces Top 5 Wildlife Experiences for Kids

 Wilderness Ventures, the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program offering teen summer camps, offers unforgettable wildlife experiences for children and teens throughout some of the worlds’ most vibrant wildlife habitats. Wilderness Ventures recently selected their ‘top picks’ for life-changing wildlife experiences for kids in 2013:  

Wilderness Ventures summer camp group

Wilderness Ventures summer camp group

  1. See Bears in Alaska with Wilderness VenturesDenali National Park is a true “nature-lovers classroom” and is home to more than 35 different species of animals including the great Grizzly Bear. In addition to sea kayaking Prince William Sound, whitewater rafting the Matanuska River, backpacking, hiking, and more, 7th through 9th graders can learn about Denali’s grizzly’s while seeing them in person on Wilderness Ventures’ Alaska Two Week expedition. 
  2. Swimming with Sea Turtles: The Hawaiian Islands are a haven for some of the planets’ most fascinating sea life, including giant sea turtles. On this Wilderness Ventures Hawaii Kauai leadership adventure, kids have close encounters with the sea life surrounding the Big Island aboard a private catamaran. Surfing, sea kayaking, exploration of ancient ruins on the Na Pali Coast, and the chance to earn a PADI scuba diving certification are also part of the fun.
  3. Witness the “Big 5” In Tanzania: Considered the African continents crown jewel, Serengeti National Park boasts hundreds of species of wild animals including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo—also known as the Big 5. On Wilderness Ventures’ Kilimanjaro Grand Earth Adventure, 9th through 12th graders learn about this spectacular ecosystem in addition to learning about the language and culture of the area, working with giraffes, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and more.
  4. Discover Yellowstone and Grand Tetons by Horseback: Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park are home to both grizzly and black bear, moose, wolves, the American bison, and more. Discovering these two national parks by horseback gives children the chance to see the diversity of these ecosystems while experiencing a taste of the “Old West”. On this spectacular Yellowstone Teton Horsepack leadership adventure by Wilderness Ventures, children raft thrilling whitewater, kayak pristine Yellowstone Lake, learn backcountry riding skills, in addition to horsepacking through this pristine wilderness.
  5. Learn about the Endangered Species of the World: To have a personal wildlife experience, children need to look no further than their own computer.May 17thmarked the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, but the celebration can live on as kids can find a way to make a difference to wildlife conservation in their own community. Kids can visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service page to learn more about both domestic and international endangered species:
As Wilderness Ventures enters its 40th year of operation, the organization has successfully become the oldest and most experienced adventure travel company for young people. Their life-altering experiences in some of the world’s most magnificent natural settings are crafted for young adults who are just beginning their experiences in the outdoors or teenagers who are accustomed to outdoor life. For young adults who are looking for fun and adventure in a non-competitive, supportive setting, Wilderness Ventures’ expeditions are an ideal option and offer life-changing opportunities to see the planets’ most diverse wildlife. For more information about Wilderness Ventures’ wildlife experiences for students,