Come to Sarah Lawrence College this Week for Wilderness Ventures Leadership Info


If you want to learn a little more about being a leader this summer and make memories outdoors, there is a really great opportunity this week.

Past leaders are going to be at Sarah Lawrence College in New York to talk about their experiences. They’ve done exciting mountain climbing instruction, surfing lessons, rafting trips and all kinds of things that let them have fun in the wilderness and be a role model to younger students.

It will be all day on Wednesday, November 6 starting at 11:00 am. If you have time, it is very worth while and would look great on a resume. Not only that, it feels great to teach someone a new skill and watch a young guy or gal learn to raft, climb or make a campfire for the first time.


Instructors will be available all day to talk to potential leaders who have experience with outdoor travel and wilderness skills they would like to use this summer and beyond.

Unsure about if you have the qualifications? Ask the leaders how to boost your eligibility and start gathering a few references. It is a pretty tough to get a spot, so if you can meet someone face-to-face then there will be a better chance that you can make an impression.

If you will be in the area, get more info here and stop by to say hello and talk about some summer plans.

Learn to Be A Leader at Wilderness Ventures Camps for Teens and Tweens

Wilderness Ventures is very dedicated to teaching self confidence and helping young people feel empowered. It is pretty tough for teens and young people to feel like they are independent and grown up, so a trip in the wilderness or to a service learning project usually sets kids on the right path to being healthy, confident adults.

This is why the staff are role models and people that the kids would like to be. It also offers leadership training from these men and women that know the terrain and how to live a happy life.