Summer 2014 is the Time for Southern Europe

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The cities of art, love and some of the best wilderness can seem like a dream for some people to visit. Backpacking through the Swiss Alps is something that most people read in romantic novels or from an adventure story from long ago.

Not so this past summer when a small group of adventurers took a trip from Geneva to Paris and explored everything in between.

A hike through the Pyrenees is the perfect beginning to seeing what the big fuss is about when people talk about how great Europe is. A little bit of Spanish practice doesn’t hurt either while roaming the countryside.

The slower French way of life was very refreshing once the group got to Chamonix which really made it feel like summer. The first look at France was more scenic, with views of Mount Blanc and the look of gorgeous valleys and wilderness areas for about 10 days.

The teens then got to watch the Eiffel Tower light up and do the more tourist-oriented sites. But it didn’t lessen the experience because they got to sleep under the stars days before and take in all the beauty that nature had to offer.

This and more is coming this next summer, maybe with some fun extras thrown in along the way.

Wilderness Ventures Urges Travelers to Unplug and Connect with Others

If you look in any of Wilderness Ventures’ photos, you will not see one person sending a text or holding up a tablet. The only thing the students are plugged into is nature and the tasks ahead.

People are currently dreaming of going unplugged on their next vacations. This is no problem with the trips that teens took this summer. It’s always fascinating how quickly the tech-buried teens will stop trying to make status updates when they can stare at the face of a mountain or take in a real sunset.

This way, travelers can get lost in real conversations or face a full day of hiking or kayaking without worrying about what is on television or how long until they have to reply to a friend’s instant message.

It’s actually pretty simple when you have the time. Put those phones in a safe place, power down those laptops and see how good it feels to not have to worry about the next 140 characters.

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Relax This Friday with Wilderness Ventures Landscape Shots

This whole week has been pretty eventful and everyone needs a little bit of R&R. Everyone feels a little overworked and the school year is already past it’s first month for many students.

Here are some recent shots from the 2013 Wilderness Ventures trip that will hopefully make the weekend come a little sooner.

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Teens Travel to Alaska for Wilderness Ventures Two-Week Summer Trek

Two weeks in the rugged terrain of Alaska is the perfect getaway for technology-obsessed teens to explore what they can never see in school.Wilderness Ventures is offering a two-week trek for 7th, 8th and 9th graders starting June 30 to the land of the “Midnight Sun” with sea kayaking, breathtaking views of glaciers, backpacking and taking in all of nature.

The first part of the trip starts in Anchorage  and gives the teens a look at the Harriman Fjord. The shuttle boat gives a sweeping view of icebergs and dark blue sea. They will see the abundant animal and plant life around the tidewater glaciers.Then it is time for a day of adrenaline-inducing river rafting through Lion Head Canyon.

After 3 days the adventurous teens get to march through Matanuska and Chulitna valleys. They get to learn positive life skills including cooking, navigation, and team building as they admire the Alaska mountain range.

Ending the trip will be an exploration of Denali National Park and then back to Anchorage for a sourdough meal. Alumni of the program will come back with a better sense of adventure and a new perspective on their own American backyard.

Most of the major components of this trip have been offered by us over the past 36 years.