Grand Teton: Make a Snow Angel with Wilderness Ventures

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Seriously! Go from the top of a snow covered mountain covered in powder then down to clear running water for some fishing. That’s the great thing about the Grand Tetons and Grand Teton National Park.

One of our fearless leaders decided to jump into the snow during this past summer’s tour of Yellowstone National Park. The adventurers got a real kick out of the idea and a couple made snow angels afterwards.

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After that chilly experience, the teens were warmed to the idea of seeing Old Faithful and learning about the area.

One of the best parts was the sunny kayaking session in the park with everyone else and waving our honorary U.S. flag to show a bit of spirit for the beautiful national park.

This was coupled with leadership lessons and survival skills really made the trip feel more important than most. Trust exercises and real-life survival skills were just part of the experience that helped teach teens that they actually have more control over their lives than they believed.









After the chilly trek and fantastic 13,771 foot climb to the summit where the adventurers proudly displayed the U.S. flag and the Wilderness Ventures banner to signify the great thing they just accomplished.

The leadership portion included group leaders motivating those who may have gotten tired or felt like giving up. They really needed to band together when the cold and the height got too much for some people.

Grand Teton basically had everything, which is why it’s been a staple for the last four decades.

Five Great Mountains that Wilderness Ventures Teens Get to Summit

That last grasp of rock before hitting the top of a mountain is such a rush. Looking out over everything that you’ve climbed is so exhilarating from thousands of feet above the ground that you started on.

Wilderness Ventures loves this feeling, and has some favorite mountains that have breathtaking summit views.

Northwest Summits include Mount Olympus, snow climbing Mount Adams, and snow and ice climbing Mount Baker. These different terrains and weather make the climbs that much better and get the teens used to some of the more challenging aspects of the outdoors.

Mountain climbing guides for Mount Shasta prepare students to use pick axes and mountaineering tips for a successful 14,162 climb. This dormant volcano’s views are stunning as the students get to see the ocean as well as the wilderness areas.

Teens get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro just as the sun rises over the land. At 19,341 feet, this diverse ecological landscape of this mountain looks over all of Africa. Students get a rich background of what the landscape means to the people, which makes it much more spectacular at the top.

Two days at the Exum School of Mountaineering prepares climbers for a trek through the Grand Teton wilderness to one of the greatest 13,771 climbs in the country. Knowledge of knots, signals and rappelling are incredibly useful and make sure that the climb is smooth for a photo finish at the top.

Mount Ranier is another dormant volcano that makes for a spectacular climb in the pacific northwest. At 14,410 feet, the trees look so expansive and the wilderness looks like a classic painting. This is complemented by another climb up Mount Adams, a backpacking trip through North Cascades National Park and whitewater rafting the Sauk River.