Summer 2014 is the Time for Southern Europe

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The cities of art, love and some of the best wilderness can seem like a dream for some people to visit. Backpacking through the Swiss Alps is something that most people read in romantic novels or from an adventure story from long ago.

Not so this past summer when a small group of adventurers took a trip from Geneva to Paris and explored everything in between.

A hike through the Pyrenees is the perfect beginning to seeing what the big fuss is about when people talk about how great Europe is. A little bit of Spanish practice doesn’t hurt either while roaming the countryside.

The slower French way of life was very refreshing once the group got to Chamonix which really made it feel like summer. The first look at France was more scenic, with views of Mount Blanc and the look of gorgeous valleys and wilderness areas for about 10 days.

The teens then got to watch the Eiffel Tower light up and do the more tourist-oriented sites. But it didn’t lessen the experience because they got to sleep under the stars days before and take in all the beauty that nature had to offer.

This and more is coming this next summer, maybe with some fun extras thrown in along the way.

Apply During School for the Next Wilderness Ventures Trip

costa rica

The trips for 2013 are all done, but that does not mean that next year does not have the same great trips with spots still open.

2014 summer adventures are closer than you think, so it’s time to apply before the deadline and have something amazing to look forward to before the end of the school year rolls around.

Apply by phone, online or print it out and send it over. WIlderness Ventures is always looking for an enthusiastic young person with a natural curiosity for the outdoors and travel.

There are no excuses now that the trips are over, and Wilderness Ventures have several documents to help you prepare to pack, get healthy and pick which trip works for what you like.

Wilderness Ventures is Totally into Wildlife

One of the best parts of going outside is to see some beautiful creatures in the woods, jungle, beach or anywhere else that they choose to go. 

Wilderness ventures is all about getting a view of the wildlife while on the trips. Here are some of our favorites:

turtles zebramonkeygiraffe

Goodbye to one round of Wilderness Ventures Trips


The  first southern Europe trip has come to a close, and it is always difficult to leave such a beautiful area, but it’s time for the teens to get back home and decompress.

Now they can go back to all of their friends and explain the great time they had, and begin to see the world a bit differently. The video above does more than words can ever say, but isn’t even close to what the students actually got to experience.


Look at the Bright New Faces for Wilderness Ventures Jackson Hole Trip

Another new batch of eager teenagers showed up at the airport this week and were greeted by Mike and Helen Cottingham. They are getting ready for one of the most fun and oldest trips that Wilderness Ventures offers.


jackson 2 jackson4


The meet and greets were over just in time and the first outdoor adventure in Grand Teton National Park for a hike wearing the new Wilderness Ventures shirts to look like a team while everyone gets to know each other.

Cast a Reel with Wilderness Ventures Fly Fishing Lessons

fly fishing

Dip your feet in the cool water and look for some slippery fish  like a pro when you go out to some of the best lakes, rivers and streams for fly fishing in the United States.

Jackson Hole

Orvis Fly Fishing Instructors teach the teens not just how to throw a line around, but all aspects of the experience. They learn how the environment and conservation efforts along with knot tying and great ways to bait and hook in the native trout of the area.

They will dip their hooks into the Wind and Snake River areas after the three days of lessons to try out the techniques and see if they can pull out a wiggly catch.


Bozeman, Montana is the perfect backdrop for advanced and foundation-level fly fishing lessons as well as a biology and ecology lesson so that the teens know the impact the fish and the people have on the area.

The snowfed crystal clear streams straddle the watersheds of both the Atlantic and the Pacific in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness for the first excursion where the teens compete on who can catch the first fish.

Then its off to Fire Hole River in Yellowstone National Park where even more trout that they will release back into the river so that the cycle of life can continue for the next group

Wilderness Ventures Gets Teens Cooking Around The World


Food from around the world is much more than just food. It is an exchange of culture and a great way to get to know people.

Wilderness Ventures knows that not everyone gets to experience the joy of cooking at home other than a microwave or when their folks are in the kitchen. That is why every day the teens are introduced to another new cooking opportunity or put in charge of the camp stove.

In Peru, students get to shop in local markets to prepare an authentic Peruvian dish that the host community leaders teach them to make. They go even deeper into Quechua and learn to make meals there that you cannot get anywhere else.

Cooking in France sounds like a dream, but it is a reality for students on the many trips to the beautiful city of Chamonix where they get to speak the language and cook  some classic foods. Then they get to work off all of that food with a climb up Mount Blanc.

Aside from city centers. there are plenty of lessons for cooking while camped out in the wilderness. There is no shortage of creative ways to make a delicious meal whether it over a campfire or a modern stove.

Five Great Mountains that Wilderness Ventures Teens Get to Summit

That last grasp of rock before hitting the top of a mountain is such a rush. Looking out over everything that you’ve climbed is so exhilarating from thousands of feet above the ground that you started on.

Wilderness Ventures loves this feeling, and has some favorite mountains that have breathtaking summit views.

Northwest Summits include Mount Olympus, snow climbing Mount Adams, and snow and ice climbing Mount Baker. These different terrains and weather make the climbs that much better and get the teens used to some of the more challenging aspects of the outdoors.

Mountain climbing guides for Mount Shasta prepare students to use pick axes and mountaineering tips for a successful 14,162 climb. This dormant volcano’s views are stunning as the students get to see the ocean as well as the wilderness areas.

Teens get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro just as the sun rises over the land. At 19,341 feet, this diverse ecological landscape of this mountain looks over all of Africa. Students get a rich background of what the landscape means to the people, which makes it much more spectacular at the top.

Two days at the Exum School of Mountaineering prepares climbers for a trek through the Grand Teton wilderness to one of the greatest 13,771 climbs in the country. Knowledge of knots, signals and rappelling are incredibly useful and make sure that the climb is smooth for a photo finish at the top.

Mount Ranier is another dormant volcano that makes for a spectacular climb in the pacific northwest. At 14,410 feet, the trees look so expansive and the wilderness looks like a classic painting. This is complemented by another climb up Mount Adams, a backpacking trip through North Cascades National Park and whitewater rafting the Sauk River.


Horseback Riding in Famed National Parks with Wilderness Ventures


Mother Nature Network revealed the best national parks to take some sturdy horses out to and roam around and experience the terrain.

One of the places on the list is Yellowstone National Park. The park was recognized for its amazing views and hillsides as well as its horse-friendly atmosphere.

On the Yellowstone Teton Horsepack trips, students get to hop on one of these friendly companions and set out across the land. Professionals ride alongside the teens as they trek through the Rocky Mountains with a trusty steed leading them through tough times.

The horses get a break while the adventurers zip line through the trees and viewing the breathtaking Old Faithful.

Wilderness Ventures Students Celebrate the 4th of July in Yellowstone National Park


No better way to spend the United States’ independence than being in one of the most famous American  national parks. Yellowstone is such a spectacular spot and cannot be beat.

After a tour of the area was already spectacular, with Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Prismatic Hot Springs, and Old Faithful.

Yesterday the teens spent the day on a kayaking trip through Yellowstone Lake. The landscape is rich in diversity, with underwater geysers with hot springs giving the lake a nice, warm temperature.

The teens are busy exploring and relaxing for this national holiday and will catch up soon!