5 Great Reasons to Travel from Wilderness Ventures

Do you really need a reason to get out into the world? Well, if you aren’t convinced that travelling is something everyone should do for fun, then here are 10 reasons that will make you think a little harder.

1. Get exercise

Trekking through the Rocky Mountain wilderness, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, or even just taking a stroll through an outdoor mall are all ways to get exercise. Going somewhere else to do these activities can help kick start a healthier lifestyle, or add to the list of great destinations to do a hobby


2. Make new friends

Going somewhere popular increases the chance that you will find people, and that those people will have something in common with you. Or even if it’s a specific activity, you could strike up a conversation about your passion. Group trips like Wilderness Ventures build strong friendships because everyone is having fun together and learning, which makes for great stories.


3.  Learn about new cultures

You don’t have to go too far to experience a different way of life, but being in a new country is always exciting. Whether it is learning about Alaskan traditions or speaking Spanish in Costa Rica, there is always a new point of view to experience. It will give you a better appreciation of life and how differences add some new perspectives.


4. Hands-on Education

Wilderness Ventures likes to give students some education that they can go on the trips ad actually see. Info desks at destinations are very helpful and have information on places you can actually see. You can learn the history of something that is front of you and take away a sense that you learned a little something in a fun way. Also, language classes in the native country make things far more real and interesting.



5. It’s just fun

Going somewhere else for a while is just a great way to entertain yourself. It gives you a chance to try new things and enjoy the view of an ocean of a mountain ridge. You can let loose and go dancing or just sit and relax in a hotel for a nap. You can catch local events, take a dip in a pool or shop around. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re enjoying it.



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