Wilderness Ventures Starts Surfing in the High Sierras

The next adventure that has set off is to the great state of California to go from the surf to the high mountains. The first few days have already been packed with nothing but outdoor exploration.

Day 1

Before getting to the adventures, it was time to camp out at the San Francisco Airport and wait for everyone to arrive. Adventurers made fast friends at the airport and kept themselves busy with games and excited chatter about the trip ahead.

Soon the group was at camp on the beach and setting up and working together to make it as cozy as possible. The night was not complete without some s’mores and a good night’s rest from a day of traveling.

Day 2

The second was nothing but surf lessons in Half Moon Bay. Then all of the campers showed off their energy and skills at different physical games while the leaders made delicious Italian-style panninis over the roaring camp fire. They ended the day by sharing some fun facts about themselves before lulling off to sleep to the sounds of the ocean.

high sierras3

Day 3

The next day was back in the water to try out the surf lessons from the night before. Everyone learned a new game of waterball that made the time go by very fast. Next thing they knew, it was time for a shower and packing for the Trinity Alps for the next day.


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