Ditch the Xbox One and the PS4 and Travel with Wilderness Ventures

Everyone is up in arms about new video game news from last week’s big E3 convention. Will they get an Xbox One or a PS4? Which new installment of the next game will they get before it is even available in stores?

Technology can be very entertaining. It has connected us to other people and allowed us to create things and think beyond physical borders. Young people today rely on social media and technology for education and future jobs. But there is still a need for nature that not many people realize.

People who live in villages like in the Fiji trip video above are not surrounded by technology like the teens that are visiting, but they are perfectly happy with what they have.

The solution isn’t to live without technology, and it’s not enough to simply shut-off the device. We need to quiet our minds to achieve focus and develop creative thought processes.


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