Keep the Earth Sustainable for Future Generations with Wilderness Ventures Trips

Buzz words in the news concerning “green” technology and “sustainable” practices are thrown around in the media without much explanation. Not many people realize the amount that we as humans consume water, electricity, wood, mineral goods and everything else that goes into surviving and enjoying life on this planet.

The people who see the impact are those who explore the outdoors. It is hard to ignore when you look at a sparse forest or try to ski in an area that no longer has a good, natural snowfall.

Wilderness Ventures has been aware of potential environmental impacts and the need to leave these special places better than we found them. Zero-impact camping ethics have been incorporated years before the concept became the standard for all outdoor schools.

Students learn that if they pack it in they have to take the supplies with them and to leave as little impact as possible by not camping to close to riparian areas, viewing wildlife from afar and camping in designated areas.

Not only do students learn how to not remove any more, but they give back through community service. This creates an awareness and community of young environmentalists that can pass on these lessons on their next camping trips and adventures.



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