Gap Years Before College Are More Meaningful with Wilderness Ventures

Not every high school student feels ready to take the next step into higher education.Sometimes the constant shuffling from one grade to another can be overwhelming.  

For those students who are unsure of their next move usually take what is known as a gap year.

The concept of the gap year refers to a gap or break from formal education that students take with the purpose of traveling, exploring, volunteering, and more.  An experience that can last several weeks to a semester or more, the gap year offers students the opportunity to gain real-life experience during that important ‘coming of age’ transition between high school, college, and beyond. Wilderness Ventures offers Leadership Adventures that are designed to build self-esteem, teach leadership skills, educate students about wildlife and environmental conservation, promote philanthropy, and foster friendships—all of which are valuable skills to high school and college students who are on the cusp of entering the work force.

Young adults often find that these years help them figure out their path in life and make them appreciate the education that they come back to receive. Wilderness Ventures aims to help that decision process with structured and meaningful adventures for these students.

Wilderness Ventures offers an Alaska College Leadership Adventure that takes adventurers to the wilds of Alaska for a once in a lifetime adventure. On this journey, students have an opportunity to explore the spectacular Talkeetna Mountains during a 7-day backpacking trip and sea kayaking the Prince William Sound on a 6-day exploration. During the trip, students also spend two days learning first aid techniques imperative for backcountry travel, a wonderful concrete step in developing the qualifications and skills needed as an outdoor leader. Wilderness Ventures other gap year destinations for high school aged students include Washington, British Columbia, Wyoming, Montana, the Hawaiian Islands, and more.



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