Dad Will Enjoy Family Adventures from Wilderness Ventures This Summer

The fathers and father-figures out there have a tough job and deserve a bit of appreciation.

While other kids will be buying ties and grilling cook books, there are some that are planning an unforgettable trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park for a week of fun and family time.

This summer is a perfect time for families with children eight yeas old and older to get out into nature and away from all the gadgets that preoccupy everyone’s time.

Wilderness Ventures has everything planned for a great family trip. Groups meet up at Jackson Hole, Wyoming and then spend six days traveling through the parks together. Days will be spent hiking, kayaking, wildlife viewing in the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, rafting and top off the trip with a bike ride through paths along the Grand Teton area.

These trips are more than the beautiful sites and new skills. They are about shared experiences. Families who stick together and have shared memories from vacations together are more likely to do more. Trips like these could even become a family tradition.

So happy Father’s Day and may everyone be able to get out there and share a bit of nature with the best guys they know.


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