Wilderness Ventures’ Teens Get United Before Hitting the Ground

Traveling with strangers can be daunting, but not for the outgoing alumni that take trips with Wilderness Ventures. Teens and young adults like the ones in this video find friends very fast and stay with those friends through thick and thin while exploring the great outdoors. It is important that Wilderness Ventures incorporates the buddy system with the trips so that everyone is accountable, and that those bonds remain strong.

It isn’t just about  keeping the group together when it comes to the first day, but about connecting with young people who may also be nervous. Finding a friend makes the adventures more meaningful because they get to share the same feelings and work together through the toughest hikes and fastest rapids. The world seems a little less scary when there is someone who feels the same way.

The acceptance process for these trips is specifically designed to bring a cohesive group of like-minded and exciting people that the adventurers can trust. They are often the best part of the trip and keep in touch well after the trip is over. The last 40 years have brought so many students together that friendship is almost a guarantee.07734-WVScannedSlides

Have a friend you met at camp? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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