National Park and Wildland Trips with Wilderness Ventures Make Teens Appreciate Nature

These days, there is virtually no where that humans have not made their mark. Builds have risen higher and higher, boats fill the ocean and planes take people to every corner of Earth.

Thankfully there are designated wildlands and national parks that prevent man from building to high or drilling deep into the ground. Efforts from pioneers including John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot have helped the United States conserve its great natural resources.

Wilderness Ventures tries to bring this same appreciation to current generations by offering well-rounded trips to these lands. Not only does Wilderness Ventures have special permits to operate in 20 national parks and 17 designated wildlands, but students who go on the trips get to explore them fully instead of just sticking to one activity.

One of the most popular and oldest of the trips is to Yellowstone National Park and . Adventurers start off with a week long backpacking trip through the Teton wilderness before reaching Yellowstone River with lessons on flyfishing, cooking, navigation and other wilderness skills. They hit the river next in Yellowstone Lake and then some fast-paced whitewater rafting down the Snake River.

No trip is the same and each alumni learns the importance of taking what he or she brings and leaving the park with as little negative impact as possible.


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