Surf and Sun with Wilderness Ventures California and Hawaiian Adventures

The plains of Wyoming are not the best place to catch some sun and surf. Good thing there are plenty of great beach spots that Wilderness Ventures can take kids and teens to catch some great waves.

Half Moon Bay in California is a part of the California Explorer trips for beginning adventurers in the 6th grade. The trip also includes hiking, rafting, wildlife viewing and a tour of San Francisco.

But this is not the only place with waves and sandy shores that teens can go to hang loose.

Another California treasure is the high sierra, which is a more advanced version of the first trip.  This one also has Half Moon Bay waves, but also includes a climb of snowy Mount Shasta for a great contrast and full view of natural beauty.

The Hawaiian islands including Kailua Kona, Maui and Lihu’e are prime places for the best beach activities that Wilderness Ventures offers.

It isn’t all for the surf, but also about building confidence and establishing future leaders who can continue to educate the world about the environment. The trips seem like just pure fun on the surface, but they leave a long-lasting impact on alumni well after the trip is over.


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