Charity and Service Work Empowers Teens on Wilderness Ventures Service Trips

Community service is not always the most pleasant word for teens, who would prefer to hang out with friends or focus on getting through school.

Helping others is not just good for them , but it makes people feel better about themselves to know that they have made a real difference in an area or for someone’s personal life. This is why Wilderness Ventures combines feel-good philanthropy with exciting outdoor adventures.

The southwest service trip above is just one of many community service adventures where teens and young adults go into an area and make it better than when they left it. Students worked with local Santa Fe kids on community gardens and delivered the crops to local food banks. They also got a chance to learn the history of the southwest and Native American culture by restoring buildings and other landmarks that have been around for decades.

After a deep and meaningful experience, it was time for some fun whitewater rafting down the classic Rio Grande and canyoneering.

By the look of the photos, helping others seems pretty cool after all.



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