Teens Expand Culture at Language Immersion Adventures from Wilderness Adventures

An important aspect of global citizenship is language. Parents, students and universities are recognizing the importance of completing a language learning experience that stems beyond the high school classroom. Wilderness Ventures unique and exciting language learning programs blend the continuity of the classroom, applied practice in the country and meaningful cultural experience to bring a language to life.

For students who want to see significant academic and applied gains to their language skills, Wilderness Ventures’ Spain Language and France Language adventures each incorporate three to four hours of substantive, daily classroom instruction with the rest of the student’s journey. Because the Language Adventures take place on-site, Wilderness Ventures is able to steep its students in the everyday conversations and interactions that take place in that country. When students step out of the classroom they remain immersed in the daily use of the language.

To complement the directed classroom instruction and daily outings, the language immersion programs travel to the most inspiring places in the country where students participate in a mix of culture and adventure components that help them connect with the fabric of their environment and the language being spoken there.

Beyond these new trips to intensive language schools, Wilderness Ventures offers a myriad of language learning opportunities on their other Grand Earth Adventures, traveling to destinations like Costa Rica, Kenya and Thailand. These teen adventure camps focus on elements of service learning or leadership, but also provide the setting and instruction to familiarize students with exotic languages from around the globe.



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