Teen Summer Camp Outfitter Offers 8 New International and Domestic Bicycling Trips in 2013

Ranging in length from two to seven weeks, these wonderful experiences are designed for beginners to the most seasoned cyclist in grades 6 through 12. These classic cycling trips take place amid the most scenic and inspiring terrain in North America and abroad. Their challenge level ratings range from 2 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging and are designed to meet each individual’s abilities.

The new teen bicycling trips added to the catalog include:

  • Pittsburg to DC Bike
  • Vermont Bike
  • Great Divide Mountain Bike
  • Montana Bike
  • Nova Scotia Acadia Bike
  • Coast to Coast Bike
  • Amsterdam to Paris Bike
  • Paris to Rome Bike

Wilderness Ventures is also continuing to offer their bicycling adventures on the Pacific Coast, Puget Sound, Cape Cod and through Colorado and Utah.

Cyclists will see national parks and iconic cities along their routes. They’ll also participate in multisport activities along the way like kayaking, hiking and more. Travelers will sleep in small two person tents separated by gender, hostels and local community centers. They will also cook most of their meals with a few restaurant visits in between. On the Amsterdam to Paris Bike trip and Paris to Rome Bike trip will get to experience famous sites like the Eiffel Tower, sample tasty Belgian chocolate and try out their language skills.Image


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