International Summer Adventures for Teens Available 2013 From Wilderness Ventures

Grand Earth Adventures, the global arm of Wilderness Ventures, offers worldwide community service, cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, language, bicycling and field studies opportunities for young adults, ages 14 through 20. A Grand Earth Adventure is a small group of students under the guidance of the most inspirational leaders, engaged in carefully designed challenges that strengthen group bonds, stretch abilities and capture the imagination of each individual.

These teen summer camps focus on elements of service learning or leadership and provide the setting and instruction to familiarize students with exotic languages from around the globe. Whether it’s climbing Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, teaching English to school children in Fiji, learning Spanish in Malaga, Spain or working with the elephants in Thailand, Wilderness Ventures offers and impressive variety of extraordinary opportunities abroad. A full list of international teen adventure summer camps can be found at

While abroad, Wilderness Ventures exposes students to the history and culture of each region they visit. Students often get to discover well known cities and landmarks in their Grand Earth Adventure of choice. However, sticking true to their roots, Wilderness Ventures incorporates a strong element of exploring Mother Nature into all of their teen adventure camps. To name just a few unforgettable outdoor experiences, students can surf the Pacific Ocean, see the “Big 5” on a classic African safari, whitewater raft in the Pyrenees, or sail New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.1117

For students who specifically want to see significant academic and applied gains to their language skills, Wilderness Ventures’ Spain Language and France Language adventures each incorporate three to four hours of substantive, daily classroom instruction with the rest of the student’s journey. Because the Language Adventures take place on-site, Wilderness Ventures is able to steep its students in the everyday conversations and interactions that take place in that country. When students step out of the classroom they remain immersed in the daily use of the language.



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