Wilderness Ventures Leads Coast to Coast Charity Cycling Tour for Teens this Summer

Wilderness Ventures, the oldest and most experienced adventure travel program offering teen summer camps, is offering a Crossroads Coast to Coast Bicycle Tour where teens can raise $1,000 or more for their favorite charity.

This 46-day teen bicycle tour starts on June 23 in Washington D.C. From there, travelers will see sites of American history, trek over the Appalachian Mountains, pedal through the Heartland, across the great Rocky Mountains, stop by the Grand Canyon, through Joshua Tree National Park and finally to their destination – the Pacific Ocean.

Friends and relatives can sponsor teens on their summer adventure from Washington D.C. to San Diego – and Wilderness Ventures will match each participant’s sponsorship up to $500. A challenging trip of this nature will definitely turn some heads and sponsors should be easy to secure.  For example, on this 3,100 mile trip, a sponsorship of just 10 cents per mile will earn you $310 – $620 when you add the Wilderness Ventures match.

Wilderness Ventures has offered superb bicycle touring and mountain biking trips for young adults since 1977. Ranging in length from two to seven weeks, these wonderful experiences are designed for beginners to the most seasoned cyclist in grades 6 through 12. Their challenge level ratings range from 2 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most challenging and are designed to meet each individual’s abilities. Wilderness Ventures other teen bicycling tours in 2013 range from riding along the Pacific Coast, to conquering the Great Divide on a mountain bike to cruising from Amsterdam to Paris. See a full line up of their 2013 tours on the website http://www.wildernessventures.com/find_a_trip/program/13/biking_adventures/

Travelers will sleep in tents separated by gender, hostels and local community centers. They will also cook most of their meals with a few restaurant visits in between. Land cost for the Crossroads Coast to Coast Charity Tour is $5,995 per person.Image


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